Yo Casa, Mi Casa is the 3rd episode of Asian's Guide to Life.

Summary: Edit

Alexis, a classmate, invites Berry to her cousin's Quinceañera as her guest but the other guests get too interested in him.

Plot: Edit

Berry walks into Algebra Class and hears a classmate, Alexis Diaz, complaining that its her cousin's 15th birthday and she has no one to take as her guest as all of her other friends are busy. Berry asks Alexis if she can invite him as he never went to Quinceañera before. She says yes because she wants the "Jedi" to be our guest. On the night of the party, Berry and Alexis meet each other at the mall and they get a ride from her family. They arrived and Berry sees that her family owns a mansion with a huge pool. The instant they get there, Alexis's family begins to crowd Berry and begin to ask him questions and begin to offer him food. Alexis is questioned by her cousin, Angela about Berry but Berry quickly says that he is Alexis's guest and is here to represent her. The party resumes as many girls ask about Berry and his Jedi Career. Alexis is jealous as the girls were just making fun of her and now they're interested in Berry. While Berry shows off his Lightsaber trick shots, Alexis changes into her swimsuit and pretends to drown so Berry can save her. Berry quickly sees this and jumps into the pool to save her. The family woo Berry for saving Alexis causing them to be more interested in him making Alexis more upset. At the end, Berry reveals that he is not Alexis's guest but rather her friend. The episode ends as Berry sings "Hey, Soul Sister" to Alexis sparking a friendship between the two.

Trivia: Edit

-This is the first episode that doesn't include a sub plot.

-This marks the first appearance of Alexis, Karina, Adam and Aiden who become recurring characters in the future.

-Berry sings for the first time in this episode.

-This is the first time a lightsaber appears in Asian's Guide to Life.