Xen Rylo Edit

Xen Rylo was a surviving Sith Warrior who wanted to eliminate all Jedi remaining in the world.

History: Edit

Xen was born nearly a century after Order 66. His father, the Sith Lord Renan was killed by Luke Skywalker and his brother was sent away to another planet. Xen later made it his task to find and kill his father's killer but had a vision where 3 Jedi are on Earth and sent target for Earth instead of Skywalker, Xen along with two other henchman tracked down the soon to be Jedi (Berry Lam, Hung Liu, and Zachary Reilly) and attacked students while they were eating Lunch. However the 3 Jedi weren't there at the time so he then threaten and group of students (mainly Alexis Diaz, Venus Nguyen, Adam Padilla, Aiden Cartridge, and Nathan Sutherland) with his Lightsaber and threaten to kill kill them with his Saber. However he was intercepted by the newly arrived Jedi mainly Berry who counter his Saber blow save the others. Xen then realized that they were the Jedi and quickly told his henchman to get ready and fight. Xen duels Berry as his henchman is defeated by Hung and Zachary. Xen easily overpowers Berry by ruthlessly injuring him, destroying his saber, giving him a cut on his back and breaking his leg. Hung and Zachary attempt to save their friends but Xen quickly dispatched them but force pushing them into the wall. He then proceeds to torture Berry more as he calls him a pathetic Jedi as he punches him in his lungs giving him a asthma attack before throwing him aside. He then threatens Alexis and Nathan as he attempts to kill them but Berry kills him by shooting him directly in the back ending his reign. However, his death was later founded out by Zinio, his younger bother who vowed to avenge him.