We'll Be Your Servers is the 11th episode of Season 1 of Asian's Guide to Life.

Summary: Edit

Berry and Tony become altar servers only to mentor newcomers.

Plot: Edit

Berry and Tony are signed up to become altar servers at La Vang Church. Despite both of them saying they'll won't like it, 5 months later, they end up loving it and have become leaders and the Grandmaster's second trusted server after their 5th Grade friend Kayla. One day Berry shows up to Church without Zoey (because she was sick) and meets up with Kayla. However the soon are then crowded by parents who want to sign up their kids to altar serve. The total of servers add up to 16 including Tony and his siblings. A know it all and co leader of the Weekday Servers, Khiem shows up and helps sort them out. Khiem and Kayla will stay on A Side to mentor newcomers while Berry and Tony are leaders for B-Side which has veteran servers. A hyper annoying kid, Aiden, a short temper 6 year old, Jason, his down syndrome sister, Stephanie, and Tony's 2 siblings, Andy and Jenny. However, Khiem ends up getting injured when he tries to stop a little girl from crying (due to her wearing the wrong shoes) and she ends up scratching his eye. Tony takes Khiem's spot leaving Berry to be the sole leader of B-Side. Berry assigns them with tasks, Aiden Reader, Jason Candles, and the others whatever they want. The mass begins but when Aiden's time to do reader comes out he tells Berry to do it causing his to have a fuss. After the priest sends the servers to help set up with the cups, Aiden takes Jason's job and blows the candle himself, angering Jason. Berry then soon that there is no towel placed and Aiden begins to act dramatic which causes the priest to go over there and get it himself. Berry then leaves the last 2 tasks to Aiden and Jason but the 2 somehow mixed it up and end up messing up the objective completely angering Berry. Near the end of the mass, Berry tells Aiden and Jason to not do any