Triple Date Trouble Edit

Triple Date Trouble is the 10th episode of Season 1 of Asian's Guide to Life.

Plot: Edit

Berry, Derek, Lam and Leann are playing Truth or Dare at lunch until Leann asks why he hasn't spend time with Ivy lately which Berry responds that she doesn't see her often. So Leann asks Berry Truth or Dare which Berry chooses Dare which Leann dares him to go out with them on a "Triple Date" which is a date where Derek and Lam go while Leann goes with her boyfriend John Paul and Berry got with Ivy and Berry with no other choice (then licking milk on floor which was the other dare) then go on the triple date. Leann tells Ivy that she is going on a triple date which causes Ivy and chase Leann due to her asking the dare. Ivy tells Leann that she has never gone on a date with anyone but Leann tells her it will be fine as Berry has never gone on a date. The 6 meet up at the Texas Roadhouse but mischiefs occur when their table has been taken by a family and they are forced to wait nearly an hour. The 6 play cards while waiting for their table as the place gets crowder and crowder. They finally get a table and end up getting a selfish, lazy and sassy teenage waitress who ends up mixing their orders to the table next to them resulting to eat the food they didn't order and to add to the mayhem the waitress charges them an extra 50$ for their meal even though she mixed up the orders. The 6 now can't pay for the dinner and are trapped until they can pay. However to add to the mayhem, the waitress brings them shrimp (which causes Berry to faint as he is afraid of shrimp) which adds even more charge to their bill. Derek can't resist as he eats the shrimp along with Leann which ends up being extremely spicy causing Leann to get ice cold water splash in her face and Derek putting his face in the fish tank. It is revealed that Mikey (see sub plot) is doing all of this mayhem as he likes to ruin dates as he secretly orders the 6 a Mento Surprise (A Coke Float with self exploding Mints in the float) and it blows up in John, Leann, Lam, Derek's faces. Ivy wakes Berry up (who was stilled out from the spicy shrimp) as she says this is the weirdest yet funniest date she ever had. The night becomes more chaotic as Derek's hand is burned from the house special Flaming Hot Beef, Lam's face to hit by mustard, Leann slipping on wet nut shells and John-Paul getting his mouth burn from a hot water beverage (which he did not order). During the last course, the waitress brings a huge cake which again they did not order which the waitress adds to their bill which totals up to nearly 300$. Berry having enough of the chaotic night, tells the waitress that their original bill was at least 80$ but the waitress ends up telling Berry and his friends to back off as the cake explodes all of over her making everyone laugh. The 6 end up escaping without paying out after ranting to the manager of the waitress. The 6 remark that was the craziest date they have had as the 4 push Berry to Ivy to make them have a romantic moment as the 2 turn around to see Lam making out with Derek and John-Paul making out with Leann which causes Berry and Ivy to look at each other weird as they share a awkward hug ending the episode.

Sub-Plot Edit

Zachary, after hearing Berry bailing him because of the triple date thing, decides to babysit his neighbor's son, Mikey who has a reputation of ruining all of his mother's date in the past. While babysitting, Zachary accidentally reveals Berry's plan of the date tonight and Mikey makes it his mission to ruin that date as he runs away to Texas Roadhouse as Zach chases him on his bike. Mikey arrives at the roadhouse and orders the Flaming hot Shrimp and Beef, the Mento Surprise, and a White Chocolate Cake he rigged with a homemade bomb for the Berry, Ivy, Derek, Lam, Leann and John Paul which adds to the chaos they later experienced. Zachary later finds Mikey and takes him to his house and duct tapes him as Zachary calls Mikey's mom. What later happens to Mikey isn't revealed.

Trivia Edit

-This episodes takes place 3 days after "Ask Her Out Already" as Berry says that he and Ivy have only been dating for 3 days.

-Hung doesn't appear in this episode.