With Season 3 of Force wrapping up i believe its time to go thru what we think are the top 10 moments we seen so far in the series.

10: Jedi Armor First Fight Edit

Kicking off the list is a lightsaber showdown in the air with jet boots and Iron Man like armor. Berry tests the armor for the first time in combat as he fights against Roman with Jet Boots. For the eyes of any witnesses you'll just see lightsabers throwing down in the sky. Berry fights Roman in a attempt to save a girl (named Heldi) from him but the thing that makes it good is Bonnie Tyler's "Holding out for a Hero" plays in the background during this epic duel.

9: Tokyo Drift-Off Edit

The 9th on the list involves cars drifting and sabers hitting each other. A homage for the The Fast and The Furious films, this lists involves a huge getaway chase in Tokyo with Lue leading the whole chase.