Tokyo Trouble Arc Edit

Tokyo Trouble is a 3 episode Arc taking place during the beginning of Season 3. It focuses on Lue as Team Jedi is tasked to travel to Tokyo, Japan when Prime Minster Mori is kidnapped. However, Lue faces problems when he runs into his family who is disagrees of him joining G.U.S.S awhile rekindling with his childhood friend and love interest, Mari (short for Mariko).

Family Confrontation Edit

Summary: The team is called to Tokyo to rescue their Prime Minster but Lue runs into family problems when he returns to Tokyo for the first time in 6 years.


Team Jedi are dealing the with the Aftermath of Zinio's attack and Berry getting used to being blind sighted However they are called to Tokyo, Japan when the Prime Minster is kidnapped by mysterious forces. They agree to travel to Tokyo but Lue is uneasy as he grew up having family problems in Tokyo but decides to go anyway. The team arrive in Tokyo but are instantly ambushed by thugs that are dubbed as "Yakuza". A chase occurs through the Tokyo Subway and the rooftops. However, Lue is separated from the group when he chases a unknown skilled archer who shoots down most of the thugs. Lue corners the archer in the valley and tells him to reveal himself and to his surprise, it is his Older Brother Kenji. Lue is shocked that his brother, who he hasn't seen in 8 years has tracked him down. Shia tells Lue that their family found out that he is part of Team Jedi and was called to Tokyo so their told him to track him down. Lue refuses to return to his family but Shia knocks him out with a swift punch and carries him out of the scene. Meanwhile, Berry and the others escape the thugs through a bullet train. Hung finds out Lue is missing but Alex says Lue knows his way around Tokyo and the Team head to a hotel for shelter. Lue wakes up in his childhood village home and is greeted by his mother and Kenji who tells him that he has been out for 2 hours. Lue tells his mother they want him but she says that she misses him after he ran away. However, his father, Shia appears and asks Lue where he has been all these years, which makes Lue instantly begin to storm out of the home but a familiar voice stops him. He turns around to find a woman as he mummers "Mari". Lue and Mari begin to talk about wants going on and their childhood together but Kenji interrupts them saying he has been gone for 6 years and hasn't once talk or communicate with any of them which makes Lue say that was too forced on what his future was. Lue then walks out of the home and begins to track the team. Shia tells Kenji to go after him to keep watch. Later that night, Team Jedi begin to roam over the rooftops to locate Lue and the Prime Minster's office tower but as they travel Kenjji appears in front of them along with a whole Ninja Clan behind him as they episode ends.

Yakuza Edit

Summary: When Team Jedi is captured by the Yakuza, Lue must team up with Kenji to rescue the team.

Plot: The team are confronted by Kenji and his black ninja clan who ask them about Lue. However, Alex doesn't understand what's happening and quickly blasts off one of the ninja starting a battle on the rooftops. However the battle is stopped by Lue who is disappointed with his Brother trying to threaten his friends. The team withdraw the battle while Kenji and the clan disappear. Meanwhile, Prime Minster Mori is begin tortured by Yakuza thugs on information about the metal deports. Mori instantly declines anything but is knocked out by one of the thugs. The team stay at the hotel but a distress signal comes up as the team finally track down Mori to the Tokyo Facility Center. The team travel on foot to Toku Village where the Facility is located at. However they are ambushed by Yakuza thugs who take them captive to the center. Meanwhile, Kenji is feeling guilt on attacking Team Jedi as his father confronts him that Lue is also family and not his mortal enemy. Kenji sees a new report saying that Team Jedi has been captured as he sets off to save his brother. Berry and the others wake up strapped around a metal pillar where the head of Yakuza, Shigen tells them about his plan to import explosive metals to completely forge a powerful and indestructible Samurai Armor and kidnapped the Prime Minster to force him to import the metal but he refuses. All while this is happening, Kenji sneaks in and frees Lue, apologizing for his actions but the 2 are discovered which causes Renai to call in multiple thugs in. The 2 brothers team up and defeat the thugs. Renai retreats and activates the mechanical Samurai Armor. Lue and Kenji free the others but Renai intervenes and activates the Armor's Heated Katana. The team splits up to defeat the Armor. Alex weakens the core of the armor, the 3 Jedi slice of its armored parts, Jin damages the suit with his claws and Walker shoots it multiple bullets at it. However, Renai knocks Lue down multiple pathways causing Kenji to shoot explosive arrows and precedes to stab the Armor's helmet but Renai stabs him with the heated Katana mortally wounding him. Renai prepares to finish him off but Lue shoots the armor's head killing Renai inside as he along with the armor falls down the mountains below exploding. However the remains thugs take Mori away and driving off not before Walker puts a tracking device on one of the vehicles. Lue goes to his brother's side who tells him that he'll always be proud of him no matter what and tells him that he has chosen what his life desires before dying. The team comfort Lue who carries his brother's body to his village home as his family breaks down in tears. A funeral takes place a day after as Lue buries his brother's coffin telling him his vows. Walker tells Berry that Mori is still kidnapped and they will find him the following night ending the episode.

Tokyo Heist Edit

Summary: Team Jedi attempt one last time to save Mori but it ends up a getaway chase in the streets of Tokyo.

Plot: The following night after Kenji's funeral, Team Jedi track the remaining Yakuza members to a abandon warehouse on a mountain. Lue remarks Kenji's last words before his death and his father Shia giving him his bow and arrow and a special gift Kenji wanted to give him before his death. Berry and Hung sneak in and plant nano bombs on one of the vehicles and also leak the nitro gas out of it timing a triggered explosion. The nano bombs go off and a huge explosion added to the nitro leak. The thugs find out that they have been spotted as they drag Mori into a Nissan Fairlady Z. Alex and Zachary get on a abandoned Motorcycle and Walker gets in a Nissan Skyline with Berry and Hung while Jin uses a Motorbike. However, Lue chooses to stay behind and travels down the mountain on foot. A chase occurs on the mountain top to down. Lue arrives at a Auto Garage to find Kenji's gift to him: A Mazda RX-7. Lue thanks his brother as he gets in the vehicle and drives into the Tokyo Streets. The chase occurs down the mountain into the city where many Yakuza's crash into other cars in the traffic. Alex leads the chase but he gets lost during the traffic. Jin drives the Motorbike onto the rooftops to track the leading Yakuza car. Walker and Alex chase the thugs. However they are lost in the traffic as the only car containing Mori drives to a parking garage but is cut of by Lue who appears just in time causing them to take a alternate route which Lue chases him. Due to drifting, Lue has a more chance to catch up with the leading car. Lue corners them to a parking tower where the thug drags Mori out of the car and hangs him over the tower. Lue gets out pointing gun at the henchman as he drops Mori down the tower but Jin on his Motorbike shows up catches Mori just in time as Lue shoots the henchman dead. 3 weeks later, the team returns home as they are honored as heroes by Mori. Lue returns home to his garage, setting up a memorial of his brother before revealing that he took the Mazda RX-7 home with him ending the episode.