Timeline X Jedi Edit

Timeline X Jedi was a team of Jedi that lived in Timeline X, where Rex ruled the Earth using the Holocron of Power. The Jedi were assumed to escape the Earth with the entire population but it was later reveals that they stayed behind to fight the Sith Cyclones but died defending their home planet. Their deaths were later undone when Berry traveled back in time and took the Holocron of Power away from Rex.


Berry: Leader of the group. The last to fall in the massacre but was able to send a Time Link to the main timeline which indirectly saves the timeline and reverts his own death.

Hung: Killed when a Cyclone blasted him out of a building.

Zachary: Killed offscreen before the massacre began.

Walker: Allowed himself to be killed to stall time for Berry to send the Time Link to the main timeline.

Lue: Killed when Cyclone threw him hard into a wall breaking his neck and back.

Jin: Got thrown into a building and was killed when his suit exploded along with him.

Alex: Killed when 3 Cyclones nuked themselves killing him along with them.

Jordan: Killed by the Horseman of the Sith after killing one of the members.

Derek: Got his neck broken by a Cyclone.

Nathan: Stabbed by a Cyclone.

Leo: Killed by a bomb set by a Cyclone.


-Unlike the Modern Timeline where Berry is the only Jedi, there are more. Hung and Zachary have yet to step down, and others such as Derek and Gustavo join to protect their loved ones.

-Jordan was the only member to not be killed by a Cyclone by rather the 4 Horseman of the Sith

-Alex is the only one to kill more than 2 Cyclones before his death.