The Wrong Jedi Edit

Part 1:

A police station is shown being destroyed causing many injured even killed and security footage shows that 2 hooded figures that the police instantly believe its the 3 Jedi.

This next day, the Police arrive at Campbell and arrest Berry, Hung, and Zachary for bombing the police station. The 3 are confused for this mishap but are pinned down with other students witnessing. 

However P.O.D. (Pocket Operating Droid) cuts them loose as they make a run for it. The 3 are chase around the entire school and manage to make it out of the school but it turns out the police have barricaded the entire school. The 3 manage to escape due to Hung’s quick thinking of using Micro Bombs on a police car and are chased around Houston. During the chase the 3 refuse to use their Weapons to the city because it might destroy it. During the chase, the 3 use their expert skills to avoid capture and hide at a abandon warehouse. However, a lady finds them (hoping to get a reward for finding them) calls the police which causes another chase again but at night. Things get worse when copters get in the air with spotlights and the Jedi attempt to jump to a boat but are blocked by several SWAT members causing them to take a route to a warehouse. However the Police locked them in the warehouse and attempt to detonate a massive bomb outside. The Jedi quickly hear this and use their sabers to cut a hole with mere seconds to spare before the whole building explodes with the 2 being blown away onto a wooden boat barely surviving. The 3 are presumed dead as their family and friends mourn the death of them on National TV. The police investigate the rubble to find remains but no with luck and tells the whole world that the 3 Jedi are dead. Back at the Jedi Bunker, Yoda senses the event and mourns them but quickly finds out that there is still hope. The 3 Jedi are depart to the shore with disguises as Berry remarks that there is one place they can hide. Berry knocks on a friend’s door which is revealed to be Bella who is first shocked to see them but Hung covers her mouth and takes her to the basement. They explain her the situation and asks her if they can stay at her basement as everyone wants them dead. She agrees and lets them stay in her basement but her parent’s can’t find out. In the distant area, Roman and Rider are shown talking to a mysterious figure that the “deed has been done” but the figure tells them that they are still alive and gives them a holographic list of names that have relationships to the 3 and tell them “next week”. To be Continued…

Part 2:

1 week later after the “deaths” of the 3 Jedi, Houston has been out of control with the crime rates. The 3 Jedi stay at Bella’s house to hide from the public. Anakin senses them alive and teleports to where they are but they tell him that nobody wants them around anymore as Anakin disappears. A knock on the door is heard as Bella gets it but is kidnapped and taken away by a dark figure. Roman takes the kidnapped Bella to a abandon warehouse where she is joined by the other kidnapped ones, Venus, Leo, Nathan, Leann, Lena, Derek, Lam, and Alexis. Rider then shifts to the top and makes a giant fireball shocking the entire city.

The Jedi quickly sense this and rush out to the city to save their captive friends.

Roman begins to become impatient and attempts to kill all of them but the figure tells him to stop wanting to avenge his older brother’s death revealing himself to be the deceased Xen Rylo’s brother, Zinio. The captives know that Xen was killed by Berry and Zinio wants revenge. The police arrive near but Zinio announces that he will kill them if they go inside the warehouse. Roman then loses his patience and begins to kill Venus and Alexis until a lightsaber comes out of nowhere and gives a cut to him. The Saber boomerangs back to Berry as he reveals that they are alive and well shocking the whole world. Berry then takes Zinio to the top where Zinio reveals his past and wanting to surpass his brothers for years as he pulls his saber out the duel engage in combat. Hung and Zach duel Roman and Rider and immobilized them. Berry takes the fight down floors as he combats Zinio with everything he got as he manages to destroy Zinio's saber. Zinio then throws "Saber Stars" at home but he easily dodges them. Zinio then begins to throw multiple objects at him but Berry easily slices them. As he goes to deliver the final blow, Zinio uses Force Lighting which deflects off his lightsaber and strikes his eyes, blinding him. Berry falls down multiple floors and onto crates. The others check on him as Hung and Zach duel Zinio but are empowered by the Sith. Zinio attempts to kill the blinded and wounded Berry but his stopped by G.U.S.S. Agents who attempt to capture him but he makes a swift escape on a helicopter Roman hijacked. The agents help the Jedi up and escorts Berry to the hospital due to his condition. At the end, The Jedi are cleared from G.U.S.S. as they decide to team up with the agency. Berry is then seen on a mountain peak with now wearing a blindfold stating "it's not over" ending the episode and season.

Trivia: Edit

-This is the first episode that involves a chase scene

-This episode has the same name as a Clone Wars Episode “The Wrong Jedi” which both plots have similarities in them as Ahsoka is being accused of a crime like Berry, Hung, and Zachary were.

-This is the first time a Jedi uses a double-saber in this case, Berry used it.

-This is the first time Hung uses Fire- Morphing usefully at this case, he uses it to cause a distraction.  

-A new lightsaber has been introduced, the Saber Star used by Zinio.

-Alexis’s 3rd appearance in Force.

-Starting from this episode to True Sight, Berry is now blinded.

-This is the 2nd overall time that Venus is kidnapped.