Team Jedi Edit

Team Jedi is a high-experience group formed by Berry (formally Hung and Zach) and G.U.S.S.'s two best agents, Ken Lue and John Walker, former Street Thief, Jin Kai and Order 66 survivor, Alex McSmith. The team are G.U.S.S.'s number one and remarkable group in their agency.

Members Edit

Berry Lam (Team Leader)

John Walker

Ken Lue

Jin Kai


Former Members: Edit

Hung Liu (Departed at the end of Season 3 transferred his powers)

Zachary Reilly (Departed at the end of Season 3 and transferred his powers)

Alex McSmith: (Presumed Deceased)

Temporary Members: Edit

Len Lue


Trivia: Edit

-After Alex's assumed death and Zachary's departure, John is the only member who is not Asian.

-Berry and Ken are the only members to have a romantic relationship.