SmashFest March 2017 Edit

SmashFest is a monthly tournament dedicated to Super Smash Bros for Wii U. The first tournament shown is March 2017 which is the first tournament which Berry takes part in as he faces his rival Elijah.
Round 1 Berry (Sonic) Francis (Villager) Winner:Berry
Round 2 Elijah(Lucina) Unknown Player(Kirby) Winner:Elijah
Round 3 Berry (Dr.Mario) Jeremiah (Zero Suit Samus) Winner:Berry
Round 4 Elijah (Samus) Unknown Player (Pikachu) Winner:Elijah

Final Round:

Unlike the previous the rounds, the final round consists of 3 rounds as the winner as to win 2 out of 3.

First Match Berry(Lucario) Elijah (Marth) Winner: Berry
Second Match Berry( Ganondorf) Elijah (Cloud) Winner: Elijah
Final Match Berry (Sonic) Elijah (Corrin) Winner: Berry

Winner: Berry


-This is the first important event in Asian's Guide to Life.

-Sonic was used twice, making him Berry's only character to be used twice while Lucario, Ganondorf, and Dr.Mario where used only once.

-It is revealed why Berry forms a rivalry with Elijah because Elijah makes fun of his mains and calls him a "noob"