Episode GuideEdit

Episode 1: Let the Guide Begin!Edit

Summary: The guys try to expose a fake internet sensation after he is caught lip-syncing.

Episode 2: Destructive PhoneEdit

Summary: Berry tries to break a indestructable phone.

Episode 3: Yo Casa, Mi CasaEdit

Summary: Alexis invites Berry to a family birthday as her guest but her family gets too interested in him.

Episode 4: Gator HuntEdit

Summary: A bounty is put on Berry's head when he becomes the new Campbell Mascot.

Episode 5: What did you Say?Edit

Summary: While he is humorously drunk, Berry accidentally reveals his feelings to Venus.

Episode 6: Ask Her OutEdit

Summary: Leann attempts to trick Berry into asking out her friend, Ivy.

Episode 7: Triple Date TroubleEdit

Summary: Berry goes up a triple date with his new girlfriend but chaos occurs.

Episode 8: Cougars vs RamsEdit

Summary: A war ensures over which High School is better.

Episode 9: Stoping Stalking and Get to Talking Edit

Summary: When Venus believes she has a secret stalker, she hires Berry to find out who it is.

Episode 10: Bad Boy Berry Edit

Summary: When Berry's alter ego emerges, Dax, a bad boy who is cocky and stubborn, causes to much chaos and trouble, the others try to stop him when Dax plans to pull a embarrassing prank.

Episode 11: We'll Be Your Servers Edit

Summary: Berry signs up to be a Altar Server along with Tony but are forced to mentor newcomers.

Episode 12: Paintballer Edit

Summary: Berry joins the annual La Vang Church Paintball Competition but finds out he is outnumbered.

Episode 13: It's Christmas! Edit

NOTE: This episode takes place prior to the entire series. Summary: When Christmas Presents begin to disappear, Berry and his friends decide to catch the thief and save Christmas.

Episode 14: Sleepover? With Girls? Edit

Summary: When one of Tony's friends, Tram invites him to a sleepover, Tony takes Berry as his guest only to find out that they need ti chaperone her little brother's Kim's TNTT sleepover.

Episode 15: K-Pop G Dragon Edit

Summary: Berry, Julie, Phi and Long try to get into a BTS concert. NOTE: K-Pop Band, BTS guest stars.

Episode 16: Basketball Showdown Edit

Summary: Berry, tired of being made fun of his basketball skills, challenges to Derek to a 4v4 Basketball Game.

Episode 17: King of Strings Edit

Summary: During a Orchestra Stand Off, Berry along with his Viola friends try to overcome the odds of the other groups.

Episode 18: Settle in Smash! Edit

Summary: Berry enters a Super Smash Bros. Gaming Tournament.

Episode 19: The Storm Edit

Summary: A furious storm traps everyone at Berry's house.

Episode 20: Trust isn't the Issue, It's You. Edit

Summary: Berry's self promises are put to the test when he encounters a 6th grader girl who wants him to show up at her birthday party as a Jedi.

Episode 21: The Lion King Edit

Summary: When Venus finds out about Berry's past of being a lion dancer, she blackmails him into training her.

Episode 22: In, Out, And? Edit

Summary: Berry and Tony await the opening of a burger restaurant but are ugly thing occurs during their journey for the burger.

Episode 23: Splash or Lash? Edit

Summary: Berry takes a summer job for Splashdown but is forced to chaperone his school's music trip.

Episode 24: The Night Begins to Shine Edit

Summary: During the 8th Grade Dance, Berry is challenged to a dance off.

Episode 25: Scholars Forever Edit

Summary: On the last day of Middle School, Berry remarks the times he spend with is friends before leaving the school for good. NOTE: Season Finale