Scholars Forever is the Season 1 Finale of Asian's Guide to Life. This episode is considered a turning pointing the series it is the last appearance of many recurring elements.

Summary: Edit

Berry departs from most of his friends to start and new unit in his life, High School.

Plot: Edit

It's the last day of School and everyone is sad that they'll be departing. Berry arrives only to Spanish only to find that Nathan and his crush Natalie have become a couple following the dance. Berry congratulates his friend as they dance to Mexican Music Videos (which only indirectly leads into minor Porn as pointed by Joshua) Berry departs and says his goodbyes to Joshua only to see him next year. In history, Mr. Braun greets the class by roasting and the other students begin to roast him. Berry greets goodbye to his favorite 8th Grade Teacher as he departs to English. There, Ms. Frost gives him her special Rigby Painting and cries as she will miss him the most. Lunch comes as Berry along with Leann, Derek, and Lam play one last game of BS, Slapjack and Truth or Dare. During the PE, Berry and Terrell along with Nam and Thang defeat Derek's team (Isaiah, Ethan, Kaizah, and Long) as Berry shoots the winning shot as he roasts Derek. Going to Algebra, Berry bids farewell to Matthew, Adam, Aiden and one of his longest friends Christian. Going to concert he reads a speech for Ms. Henry (who can't help crying) saying his goodbyes to his 7th Grade Friends (Richard, Joshue, Brandon) along with Lam and Christian Rod. Going to his last class he greets farewell to his friends since Elementary School , Gustavo and Jordan as he heads to Science. There, he is rewarded Chatterbox of the class as he he is greatly offended by it. As the last bell rings, Berry greets farewell to Joseph, Brandon Peacock, Leo and lastly Derek who gives him a hi five for the 1st time. Berry bids farewell to his former Jedi Teammates, Hung and Zach as he goes to walk Ivy to her bus but doesn't see her. He gives up but gets a text that she can't handle a long distance relationship and breaks up with him, heartbreaking Berry. Leann notices this and comforts him as Berry says a new adventure is waiting as their bus leaves Campbell with flashbacks from the 1st season as the episode along with the first season ends.

Trivia: Edit

-This episode marks the last recurring appearances of Gustavo, Derek, Lam, Jordan, Ivy, Leo, Nathan, Matthew, Aiden and Adam.

-This episode also marks the last appearance of Ethan, Isaiah, Brandon, Josue, both Christians, Khang, Thang, Long Uyen, Jordan, Ms. Frost, Mr. Braun and lastly Mr. Lopez.

-Flashbacks included in this episode include: Berry meeting Leo and Nathan, Berry asking out Ivy, the "Triple Date Disaster", Berry's first hoop in basketball, Berry's defeat on Derek, Derek and Berry playing in Orchestra, Berry hurting his hand in Slapjack, the final Orchestra Concert, Berry and Gustavo freaking out about Injustice 2, Leo invents the "Hitler Handshake", Mr Braun gets roasted by Tiara, Hung defends Berry from Phillip, Berry and Alexis laughing about Aiden's haircut, Berry's dance off moment, Venus slapping Berry, Berry messing around with his Orchestra Classmates, Ms. Frost introduction, and Berry getting tackled as Gladys Gator.