Samantha Edit

Samantha also known as Sam is a Force Sensitive German Shepherd (later multiple dog breeds) who belonged to Master Wilson before Order 66. History:

Sam was adopted by Master Wilson while he visited Earth with his wife, Sonya and took her back to Coruscant where they raise her for the next two years. However on the night of Order 66, Sonya was gunned down by Troopers, Sam attacked a trooper but she was put down. When Wilson saw his wife dead and raged at the troopers but was caught off guard but Sam pushed him off by using the Force. Wilson and Sam escape from Coruscant and crash land on Earth where Wilson went hiding and raised Sam himself. Sam bonded with Wilson for many years after Order 66. After being raised, Parker moved Sam to the hidden Jedi Cave underground where she was trained mastering the force. Parker also invented a necklace which allowed her to shape shift into other dog breeds. Sam was very loyal to her teammates mainly Officer Walker and Lue.

Sam was shot by Roman during the heist mission and was heavily injured. Walker carried her back to the Jedi Base where Parker tried to save her. Parker then realizes that he developed a special serum that gave anyone a healing factor. Walker volunteered to give her it and with mere moments before she passes, Sam recovers now with the healing factor. 

Now with a healing factor, Sam now is more active during missions as she is much more sensitive.

Sam takes part in the Siege of Zinio where she helped Lue round up citizens and is seen defeating most of Zinio’s henchman.

Abilities and Skills:

Healing Factor- After her near death experience, Sam was injected with a special serum where she gained a healing factor. Sam is able to take multiple shot wounds and can easily heal herself.

Shapeshifting Collar: Before her 1st mission, Parker invented a shapeshifting collar so she can blend in and be unknown to most of their fatal foes. Sam is allowed to shape shift into multiple dog breeds such as a yellow lab, Corgi, Akita, and a Jack Russell Trainer.

Force: Sam is the first animal to inherit the balance of the Force. She can use the Force by tilting her head upward against a living being.


-Sam so far is the only Team Jedi member to experience a near death experience other than Berry who was fatally beaten by Xen.

-After getting the Healing Factor, Sam is seen more active to her missions.

-Behind the scenes reveal that Sam's 6 dog breeds represent a side of nature. Her standard form, represents her braveness, while her Akita form and Golden Lab Form represents her adventurous side her Corgi form represents Courage, and her lab and Jack Russell Trainer form represents her humor.

-Sam's Golden Lab form is named Buddy after the late dog actor, Air Buddy.