Paintballer Boss Edit

Summary: Edit

Berry to determine to beat the TNTT Paintball Team.

Plot: Edit

Berry goes to his Saturday School, which is focused on learning Vietnamese and Christ’s Life. He is soon learned about the yearly Paintball War the happens during classes which he wants to take part of. Knowing he has a advantage due to his Jedi Reflexes, Berry wants to join to win the grand prize of leading beginning of Mass but the host says he must create a team of at least 5 members. Berry creates a team consisting of his friends, Dan, Aaron, Lee, Simon, Tommy and Kevin. Therefore, the team dubbed “Holy Orders” join the fray of teams. The other teams consist of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and the biggest team yet, TNTT which Venus is part of but even with a group disadvantage, Berry believes that they can win with their personal skills. The bell rings signally starting the event, which Kevin automatically throws a paint bomb which blinds others as Lee shoots 2 Girl Scouts as the Holy Orders splits up. Unlike most teams who use certain places for their base, Holy Order continue to roam around. The first round precedes as Holy Order eliminates team Girl Scouts and nearly half of the Boy Scouts. The 1st round ends as TNTT is shocked that Holy Orders has passed the 1st round even with their low group count. The 2nd Round starts as Kevin( Yet Again) throws are paint bomb on the ground blinding TNTT has they escape and a couple of shots on them. However due to their large group amount, they manage to get their first knock out as many girls manage to overpower Kevin.

They begin to worry as Berry states that TNTT has over 100 People. They decide to use what remains of Kevin’s paint bombs to ambush most of TNTT. TNTT’s hideout is at the performance stage as they ambush them but throwing multiple paint bombs and getting in a few shots but Lee is shot by a unblinded member. They begin to panic as they are begin knocked out one by one but Berry finds out that they have 3 more paint bombs however TNTT corners them. Simon volunteers to give them time to escape as he throws his paint bomb as the others escape. Holy Orders then gets ambushed by TNTT as Dan and Tommy allowing Berry and Aaron to escape. However Aaron is eliminated as they proceed to the roof. TNTT believe that they have won but they are wrong as Berry, whose identity is unknown to them, shoots 5 of the 11 remaining and quickly escapes. Berry, then eliminates 4 of the remaining five leaving Venus the last one member of TNTT left. As the day comes to a end, Berry finds Venus alone at the Church before Mass starts and reveals his identity which makes Venus sign as Berry has amazing Jedi Reflexes. She decides to shoot a paintball at him but he dodges it and her remaining bullets except one. Berry decides to finish it but TNTT cheers Venus on. Knowing that it will benefit Venus’s social life so he throws his gun and Venus shoots him claiming TNTT the victory and giving Holy Order’s their loss. After mass, every single TNTT member is called up to claim their trophy which Venus is volunteered by everyone. She claims the trophy but sees Holy Orders at the back of the church staring at her. She stutters for a moment until she says that the trophy doesn’t belong to them shocking TNTT. She then says that the trophy belongs to Holy Orders as they run up and claim the trophy before Berry thanks Venus for being a good sport ship.

Trivia: Edit

-First episode where Berry uses his Jedi Reflexes

-First appearance of La Vang Church and Schoolhouse

-First appearance of Aaron, Lee,Dan, Simon, Kevin and Tommy.

-Also first appearance of TNTT members: Heldi, Teresa, Mary Vu, Mary Nguyen, Tracy, Christine, Jason (who will later become Venus’s boyfriend for a while), Tram, and Josephine. 

-This is the first episode to reveal that Berry goes to Church School every Saturday.

-This episode starts the trend of Church School episodes only airing on Saturday.

-This is the first time Hung and Zachary are absent in Season 1.

-This is also the first episode where there is no sub plot.