Let the Guide Begin! Edit

Summary: While taking a break from their Jedi career, Berry and his friends get in a mischief.

Plot: Taking a break from their Jedi duties, 3 friends, Berry, Hung and Zachary attend school regularly. Before becoming Jedi's, the 3 were outcasts with Berry being rejected by every girl he likes. At lunch, Berry sits with his friend, Derek Fuentes, his girlfriend Lam Nguyen and his childhood friend Leann Le. Berry is approached by a girl named Alexis Diaz whom Berry is usually good friends with to asked him to do a task. She tells him that her Nintendo DS was taken by her Liana but wasn't returned and she suspects that she did something. Berry is unsure but decides to do it anyway due to his Jedi Reflexes. He then asks Zachary and Hung to help him and they agree as they are already good at stealing things before becoming a Jedi. The 3 sneak into Liana's backyard where Berry uses a smartphone app called "Tech-Tracker" where it detects any technology device. Berry climbs on the treehouse as he detects a signal there which is revealed to be Alexis's DS. The guys try to sneak out but are caught by the houses security cameras as they make a break for it. The next day, Berry returns the DS to Alexis which she thanks him and asks how he did to which he replies he and his friends have some interesting ideas. She smiles saying they should keep doing that as she walks away and Berry smilies ending the episode and starting the series.

Trivia: Edit

-First Episode.

-First appearance of Liana, Leann Le, Derek Fuentes, Lam Nghi Nguyen and Mr. Jose Lopez. This is also the first appearance of Berry Lam, Hung Liu, Zachary Reilly and Alexis Diaz in AGTL.

-Goof: Alexis is shown in A Lunch while later episodes and the pilot of Force she was seen at B Lunch due to her ranking in the school band.