Ken Lue Edit

Agent Ken Lue is a Elite Officer and a ally to the Jedi. He makes his Force debut in the first episode of Season 2. According to Walker, he is an expert driver and demolition expert. He’s also Walker’s best friend and partner. When he’s not on duty he is working at his own auto mechanic shop which he also resides in along with Walker.He is portrayed by Sung Kang.

Appearances/History: Edit

Ken Lue was loner at the age of 18 who had a gift of mechanics and began doing illegal street races. Ken was eventually caught and was sentenced to prison fro 10 years but G.U.S.S. bailed him out wanting him to work for them due to his talented driving.

Lue first makes an appearance when he is stopping a bank robbery along with the Jedi. They successfully stop them but Zachary quickly realizes that they are late to school, Lue volunteers to drive the. Thanks to his driving they make to school with a minute to spare.

Lue owns a car garage which he also lives in and fixes cars in his spare time.

Lue makes another appearance when he, along with Parker assist the Jedi during the Siege of Zinio where he is seen driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution fighting many henchman of Zinio’s while Parker was providing shotgun for him.

Lue is always seen doing favors for a lot of people such as lending them money, giving them a ride, giving tips for their personal life or given them illegal stacks from the border.

Abilities: Edit

Expert Driver- Lue is seen a pro at driving as he can pull dangerous turns and pull short drifts. A good example is when he drifted around traffic during test drive.

Trivia: Edit

-His character nearly represents Sung Kang’s other role he played, Han Seoul-Oh in the Fast & Furious franchise.

-Lue is the only character so far to not have a one on one fight with either Roman or Rider.