John Walker Edit

Agent Floyd Walker is a Elite Officer and a ally of the Jedi. He makes his debut alongside fellow Agent Lue in Season 3. He is portrayed by Will Smith. According to himself, he is expert marksman. John lived happily with his daughter and wife 4 years before he became the man he became today. However John divorced his wife after she found out he secretly owning a Firearms Collection. On New Year’s Eve, John and his daughter, Teddy were heading to a party and decide to take a shortcut in a dark valley. However the two were confronted by street thugs wanting his wallet which John surrenders but the thugs punch John, and took his daughter into a van. John grab the gun near him and chased the van but ultimately lost the van, screaming Teddy’s name in the large dark silent street. John spent months trying to track down his daughter but failed. John became a armored marksman trying to hunt down his kidnapped daughter. For years, John lived lonely until he received a letter to join the U.S. Strike Team and joined for his Teddy’s sake and later joined G.U.S.S.

Walker makes his first appearance during a bank robbery when he and the Jedi successfully stop it.

Walker takes part during the Siege of Zinio where he was ground duty, taking care of the Sith Aliens that Zinio summoned along, Lue, Wilson, Jin and Hung.

Skills and Weapons: Edit

Expert Marksmanship: Walker is a expert in shooting as he can shoot a tiny bullet of of Lue’s hand. Walker uses this useful talent during battle.

1B-3Y Duel Pistol: Walker’s preferable weapon. Walker uses two pistols at once most of the time during any violent confrontations.

X-8 Rifle: Walker’s favorite weapon to blow things up. He mainly attaches it to his pack or his back if he’s wearing his Mark Suit.

Short Katana: Even though Walker is more of a shooter base guy, he carries around a spare short katana just in case.

Mark Suit: Walker has his own bulletproof Marksman Suit, which is nearly indestructible and very durable however it could be ripped.