Commander Ray Dickson Edit

Commander Ray Dickson is a rogue commander who took control of the Delta Crops after murdering his father. It was believed his intentions were to to research facts to benefit mankind but the truth is that he wants to capture the Jedi, kill them and use their DNA to create a army of Force inhabited Cyborg.


Ray killed his father before the Jedi's reveal. He took over Delta Corps and told the whole world that he was researching humans to benefit mankind but wanted to kill the Jedi to clone them and create a all powerful army to rule the world.

Ray appeared "Cruel Intentions" where he appeared at the end spying on the Jedi and telling his soldiers, "Perfect".

Ray appeared in "Held Captive" where he ambushed the school to capture the Jedi and hold the captive so he can extract their DNA. He and his men successfully capture them along with the rest of Team Jedi. He then leaves them hostage in a special contaminated cell. However they end up breaking out as Ray sends all of his soldiers to stop them. However all of them are killed or knocked out, so Ray releases his latest experiment: Project ClawTooth

Ray's so far final appearance is in (Escape from Delta Corps) where Project ClawTooth goes loose and hunts Team Jedi at the base. However, Walker punches and defeats Project ClawTooth sending him down the fast waterfall. Ray was presumed dead when the whole base exploded while Team Jedi escaped in a surviving Jeep.