Berry Lam (AGTL) Edit

Berry Lam is the main protagonist of Asian's Guide to Life. He is a adventurous young teenager who wants to make himself known to others. Being the main protagonist the series follows Berry thru his Middle and High School years while struggling with his relationships with his friend and family.


Family: Berry is very close to his family as he is usually seen with them at home and always tries to make them life for fun

Hung Liu (Very Close Friend): Hung and Berry met each other in 6th Grade and quickly became friends do to their Vietnamese Heritage. Hung is proven to be a loyal friend as he stands up for Berry when a bully threatens him. A good example is when Hung defended Berry from Phillip by repeatedly punching him in the arm.

Derek Fuentes (Close Friend, Teammate): Derek is one of Berry's friends and is usually seen as a calm and nice guy. Derek is shown to have Berry's back a lot as they have P.E. together and Derek later goes on to become a team player of Berry's Smash Bros. Team: Smash Nation.

Leann and Lena Le (Close Childhood Friends): Leann and Lena has known Berry since Kindergarten and has always been there for him. Even though she can't stand Berry often they are always still a very loyal friend to him. Berry later develops a crush on Lena. 

Gustavo Gracia (Close Friend, Teammate): Gustavo and Berry both met back in 5th Grade and became friends after finding that they have a lot in common. He is also a Team Player of Smash Nation. 

Leonardo Rivera(Close Friend, Teammate): Leo and Berry are close friends. The 2 have a common but what they have in common the most is nostalgia from SpongeBob SquarePants. He is a member of Smash Nation. 

Long and Phi Le (Close Family Friends): Long and Phi are friends with Berry. A running gag in the series is that they always try to give Berry advice on his appearance. 

Ivy Huynh (Ex-Girlfriend): Berry asked out Ivy after he learned that she had a major crush on him. The two act kind and care for each other. 

Trivia: Edit

-He is the only character to appear in every episode to date. 

-Berry undergoes the most changes than any other character. He changes appearance mid-Season 1 and finally at the end of Season 2. 

-Berry, Simon, Lee, Aaron, Dan, Kevin and Tommy are the only Church School students to not be in TNTT, Boy or Girl Scouts. 

-According to his cousin Julie, Berry is a terrible liar. 

-A running gag in the series is that Berry has a lot of racist jokes. 

-Berry, along with Jordan, Cole, and Miguel are the only known Orchestra Students to have move up 2 classes in the same year. 

-He gets humorously drunk if he he has too much candy. 

-Out of the all of the main characters, Berry so far is the only one to wear Puma Shoes. 

-His only known fear are lighting storms and jumpscares. 

-He is almost never seen not wearing a watch. The only exception is when he is at home. 

-He can't stand his sister, Zoey. 

-In "Paintballer Boss" , it was revealed that Berry has gone to La Vang Church School all 8 years and was friends with almost all the boys until they started getting into shoes and rather work on their appearance. A good example is Jason. 

-He accidentally kisses Venus while he is dating Ivy. 

-Berry is the only character to oppose joining TNTT and would rather Altar Serve instead. 

-He is the only main character to be going to Cy-Creek. 

-It was revealed in the pilot, that he was born in San Jose not Texas. 

-He is the only character to have a near death experience, an asthma attack in Asian's Guide to Life. 

-It can be hinted that he can be driven to insanity by his little sister. 

-Berry holds the title have being the fastest Altar Server in Training to become a leader, being serving for only 3 months before getting the title. 

-It is unknown why but as seen in Force, Berry enhances expert fighting skills being able to match with Sith Warriors while in Asian's Guide to Life, Berry seems to can't hold a match with Jason. It could be that he only doesn't use his skills to not violently harm anybody outside of Force. 

-Berry gets drunk or high when drinking to many carbonation mostly Ramune and Soda. 

Berry Lam (Force) Edit

Berry Lam is the main character in the TV series "Force" . Being chosen as the last Jedi alive after many decades, Berry vows to protect the lives of his family and friends but also the entire galaxy from any remaining Sith Forces. Berry in no in doubt the strongest Jedi to ever lived.

History: Edit

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Skills and Weapons Edit

Force: Berry has a connection to the Force being the strongest user as he is capable of communicate with any living being throwing humans, lifting heavy items such as a bus, or even defying gravity if needed.

Force Bullet: Berry has the ability to shoot miniature "Force bullets" which acts as a effect like the Force but has a smaller impact.

Pyrokinesis- In the Episode, "The Fire Will Rise", Berry gains the power to control fire using the force. However he cannot create his own so it is rather useless in a situation with no fire.