Bemtrix was a Sith Empress who served as a main antagonist in Season 2 along with Zinio.

Early Life Edit

Bemtrix served alongside with Count Dooku and the Emperor. During the early hours of the Clone Wars, Bemtrix attempted suicide but was stopped and cryogenically frozen by Dooku who as ordered by the Emperor to rid of her. Her chamber was sent to the Outer Rims of space but landed on Earth into the Arctic where it remains for many years.

Revenge against All Jedi and Long Awaited Demise Edit

Bemtrix's tube was founded by a couple of men digging thru ice. She broke free when the men smashed her tube opened. She was instantly killed the men and escape her tube where she found refuge at a camp where she killed all the workers. She then used a helicopter to fly to Houston when she sensed the Jedi and vowed to kill them. Bemtri made her first attempt by haunting the mind of Venus Nguyen. Bemtrix had her first confrontation with Jedi when she used her Sith Lighting to cause a blackout in Houston. Parker recognized her as quickly called her out however he was shocked by her and was knocked out as a result. The Jedi attempt to bring her down but failed as she made her escape. Later, she still attempt to haunt the minds of others and eventually kidnapped Venus while she as at school and refused to hand her back unless the Jedi hand her a Sith Holocron. Bemtrix later reasons with Venus as she knows she as a relationship with Berry so she consider her his weakness and begins to torture her mentally. When the Jedi find her she holds Venus at knifepoint threatening to slash her throat unless the Sith Holocron is given to her. The deal is made as she hands over Venus as she is handed the Holocron only for Zachary to ram into her causing her to lose it. The Jedi engage in duel as Lue drives Venus away for safety. She easily deals with Alex, Jin, Zachary and Hung as Berry and Walker are the last ones. Walker then calls her crazy and she pulls her saber out. Berry duels her but Bemtrix uses her Sith Lighting to her advantage and knocks the young Jedi out. Walker then uses his guns to gun her down but she awakes after she attempts to kill Walker but Berry ambushes her and strikes her many times before slashing across her whole body. Bemtrix smiles before her whole body is destroyed.