Awakening is the 1st episode and the pilot of the Force series.

Plot: Edit

Somewhere in distant space a small space fighter followed by two other are approaching Earth as they land on the planet. Elsewhere, at a local middle school known as Campbell, a young 8th Grader, Berry Lam attempts to pull a stunt by it backfires as he injures his arm. His friend Hung Liu backs him up but before he can talk more the 2 find a tunnel that was decoded in their school. The 2 are pushed in by Zachary Reilly another one of Berry's friends as he follows them as well. They wake up in a bunker where various equipment awakes them. But before Zachary can mess with them, a voice stops him. The ghostly figures reveals himself as a young Obi Wan Kenobi along with 2 other figures: Anakin Skywalker and Yoda. Berry falls down but is a woken by another man who is alive. The man introduces him as Master Parker Soloman