Alex McSmith Edit

Alex McSmith was a surviving Jedi Padawan who escaped Order 66. Alex inherits a special kind of the Force, called Anti-Force allowing him to hurt others with the Force which is the reason why he doesn’t use her powers. The Anti Force allows him to shoot optic blasts from his body.

History: Edit

Alex was born on Cloud City where moments after his mother was taken away. Alex was taken in by Master Yoda and Parker after seeing his potential but Yoda knew Alex inherited Anti Force powers from his Sith Lord Father so he kept it a secret. On the night of Order 66, Alex was one of the younglings who were hiding in the council hall before Anakin Skywalker (now known as Darth Vader) came in and turn on his Lightsaber killing on of his friends, however Alex escape thru the main hall but Clone Troopers blocked the hallway killing many other Jedi but Alex released his optic blasts blowing the troops out of the window as he went to a escape pod and launched it to a random destination and went crashing on Earth. Alex's pod crash into the Arctic and wasn't discovered till many decades later, Master Parker sensed Alex around him and freed the Former Padawan. However since he was trapped in ice he aged slower and aged from 6 to 23 .Alex is surprised that Jedi Masters are still alive. Alex soon met Team Jedi and became a worthy member of the team helping them with his optic blasts. But things take a dark turn when Alex finds out that one of the 3 ghost Jedi Masters was the former Darth Vader who attempted to kill him and killed all of his Padawan friends. However Parker changed his mind saying that Anakin is now good and no longer in the Dark Side which Alex soon later believed and apologized to the Jedi Master

Alex's most notable moment was during “Azul’s Wrath” where Rex unleashed Azul, a beast that he can control with his mind. Azul soon attacked Central Houston and Team Jedi was called in for action. They track Azul near a store as he wrecks it. Walker attempts to weaken it as Sam bites him but the two are stopped. Alex attempts to help his teammates only to be thrown into a store getting knocked out in the process. The Jedi managed to weaken Azul but are injured in the process. Alex however awakes and unleashes his optic blasts from his chest going all out. Azul is then finally pushed back by the blast as Alex generates another one from his left hand weakening him more. Alex manages to distract him long for Walker to place self detonating bombs around the area. Alex is then told to lure Azul near a bomb however he is weakened and thrown onto a car but quickly recovered and unleashed a huge blast slamming Azul onto a wall.  Alex comes in closer to weaken him more but Azul manages to get out of the blast and grabs Alex by the head and holds him down. Alex, with no other choice, yells out Walker to detonate the bomb shocking everyone. Walker hesitates at first but decides to detonate the bomb killing Azul and presumedly Alex as the whole explosion clears the area. Alex is then presumed dead but his body was never found after the battle hinting that Alex is still alive.